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Message from Chief Coach Rachel

"Hi team!

The Government has suggested that things may get more back to normal within 12 weeks. It seems a long time to us right now but it constitutes a mere 1.8% of the over all time Redkite has been training the people of Preston and the local area.

At the real risk of sounding like Boris Jonhnson here. In this time of great uncertainty, one thing I want my members to be sure of, is that no matter whether the gym is closed for 2 weeks or 3 months, as soon as it's safe to return, return we will. I will bust my ass to keep the gym bills paid and by this time next year, this will just be one of those stories we reminise about. It'll probably make all of us better people in the long term in some way.

Redkite has easily another 12 years left in it and though the coronavirus is proving to be a pretty challenging opponent, I won't let it beat us."


Redkite Facebook Page

Whilst we are unable to go to the gym and most of us are in some varying degrees of isolation, I have made the Redkite Facebook a hub for spreading positive messages, keeping in touch with our friends, work out motivation, as well as sharing regular online workouts.

If you do not have a Facebook account, you should be able to see what's going on on the facebook feed o this page.

If ANYBODY feels, alone, distressed or just needs someone to talk to, please don't hessitate to contact me or one of your team mates. We're not just a club, we're a family and this situation only goes to reinforce our connections.

Go Fund Me Page

I'm hoping that the government will come up with a package that will help me keep the gym bills being paid whilst we are closed for an unknown amount of time. As this is not set in stone, I have set up a Go Fund Me page for donations towards the gym.

If anyone isn't feeling the pinch so much and could afford to make a donation towards our club, you can follow the link below to our GoFundMe page.

Thanks everyone. Stay in touch. We'll be back to the gym in no time.

Redkite Go Fund Me Page