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Update 1st November 2020

Message from Chief Coach Rachel

Hi everyone!

OK. So, we have to close starting Thursday 5th December 2020.

It's only a month (at the moment). This is nothing in comparrison to before and there's no way we won't be keeping you busy during that month!

Last week and in anticipation of the current situation, we started a RedKite Run to Thailand. I've not pushed this much yet but will be from now on.

8 Redkiters helped us get 125km towards our goal.

Lets get everyone on board, running, cycling, walking, rowing throughout November. Send me screen shots of your runs and I'll add them to the total. And please share or fundraiser page which I'll add below.

I'll be generating individual and Group awards to see who's putting in the most miles or making the best progress or improvements.

But this week, I'd like to say that Ste Hodson has smashed 43.67km's of our grand total on his own. I feel tired just logging his runs!!

Well done Ste and everyone! Keep up the good work!!

- I want everyone trying to beat Nathan's 116 crunches in a minute. These need to come as videos.

- Also, the burpee challenge. There was a rather dubious, I mean impressive 1min 56 at last reconning.

To remind you, it's 10 burpees, 10 tuck jumps, 20 burpees, 10 tuck jumps, 30 burpees.

For anyone clocking up under 3 mins, get those cameras running and send over the footage. Remember your first target is always to beat yourself so keep pushing those numbers/times.

Gym wise:

Classes will run Monday through to Wednesday week commencing the 2nd Nov. The gym will close Thursday until the 3rd December.

This means Groups A, B, C, D, E & F will be having their 3rd session of the current block this week. Groups G, H and I go into lockdown on session 2 but will complete their 3rd sessions first week back. So the first FULL week back, everyone will be back level into week 4.

I'll not be taking bookings for Course number 4 until we're back in and training again.

I hope that makes some sense?

Anyway, I'll be sure to keep active via the Facebook Page.

Stay safe and vigilant at the gym and have a great few sessions.

Check back in soon. xx

Thanks for sticking by us!

Lots of Love xx"


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