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Update 23rd September 2020

Message from Chief Coach Rachel

Hi everyone!

After Boris Jonson announcement yesterday about stricter measures being put into place, especially around sports, I wanted to give you an update.

We're still good to go!

As we have been working a very robust policy regarding safety and procedures, the current changes have little effect on what we're currently offering.

The schedule and courses will stay the same (as below) until advised other wise. We will have a QR code that people can use for track and trace when at the gym. Displaying the codes is a requirements, using them is not. We already know who's due in and when, so the most we'll ask you to do extra is possibly sign a register but that's it.

For those people unable to get a place on the courses we can offer group PT's at the same price as PT's for individuals. The groups must be from the same home or school bubble. We ask that children don't mix at Redkite with children from seperate school bubbles. The children will still be social distancing but we don't want to risk compromising any school safety measures, so we'd ask you to consider this when arranging your sessions.

Please note that at Redkite, as per Government, Sports England and UKMF guidelines, we will no be participating in pad work or partner work of any sort until we are advised that it is safe to do so.

Keep following all the latest updates on our facebook page and please contact if you require any further details.

The next 6 week course will run under the new 'Return to Gym Procedure'. Classes are limited to 4 people per session as per block 1. People will stay with the same coach and same training team for the 6 weeks to ensure transmission of the virus is limited should it get into the gym.

Our Procedure is robust to ensure as safe training enviroment for our students. Please download the document below. For anyone who wishes to get signed up for a course, please fill out the 'Covid 19 Training Agreement' below and send over payment via BACs to the Redkite account. (Please contact via email or text if you require the bank details.)

A six week course of one session per week is £36.00 due in advance. For those groups lucky enough to get 2 sessions per week, the fee is £48.00. It is also £48.00 for 2 siblings/people from the same 'Bubble' taking up a single training space.

For anyone wanting to join future groups, please fill out the 'Covid 19 Training Agreement' on the Forms' page.

Please visit the 'Time Table' page for details and to see courses scheduled.

Thanks for sticking by us!

Lots of Love xx"


Follow this link to the 'Covid 19 Training Agreement'
Download Return to Gym Procedure & Risk Assesment

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