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Update 27th February 2021

Message from Chief Coach Rachel

Hey guys.

Really hope everyone is doing ok.

Further to Boris announcemenmost recent announcement, let me tell you where we're at.

Our last no restrictions muaythai class was on the 16th March 2020 and it looks like we're defo going to reach a whole year on that front. Since then we've been able to open for only 10 weeks. People have been loyal, patient and supportive both financially and emotionally.

According to Boris, and from what I can understand, the next time we can open will be from the 17th May 2021. It is unclear in what format that will take but we will finish the current workshops initially that were delayed due to further lockdowns. Some are suggesting contact and padwork will be allowed at that stage but I'll have to check all this with the council first.

Children maybe able to return sooner. In April. But again, I'll have to double check everything nearer the time.

As soon as we're allowed to meet under the rule of 6, I think end of March, we will organize the outdoor sessions again.

Indoor PTs maybe available from April including for family units and support bubbles, subject to change and confirmation.

So, from now until end of March, there's no immediate changes. Dom and Will's zoom lessons will now be timetabled so it can be assumed they're running every Monday and Tuesday at 6.30pm until you hear otherwise. Plus outdoor one to ones are still available.

Videos will be uploaded so keep sending in your work out videos to help inspire your buddies.

Though nothing really changes for us (as usual) at least there maybe a little light, right at the end of the very long tunnel now.

The Zoom sessions are free but if you are able and feel like you can, any donation on our fundraiser page would be great.  But please don't feel obliged or let this stop you from joining in.  It would be a donation and not expected.  I appreciate a lot of people are hard up atm and we want to help where we can.  I just wanted you to know that there is a facility to donate if you wish.  So far we've sent a donation to the Salvation army before Xmas of around £70.00 and have the same amount in an account ready to spend on equipment that may help us train individually again on our return.

Will has also bought a couple of new bags for when we return.

The current Fundraiser for those that don't know is that we're Running to Thailand!!!  A bunch of Redkite volunteers old and new and honorary are all accruing their walking, running, cycling or rowing kilometers against the epic trip.  At last count we'd made it nearly 3868 kilometres to Syria!  People are working really hard.  If you'd like to support the fundraiser, you could do so by either donating or adding your kilometres.  Just let me know if you want to join in.

The fundraiser page is below:

I really hope everyone is OK and no one has suffered too badly over the last 12 months.  Keep going on your own personal fitness journeys. I'm defo getting into better routines now so hoping you too have been taking a few small steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Ready for our return.

I'll keep you posted. Any questions or queries, dont hesitate to ask.

Keep in touch and keep checking in on our facebook page for all the latest updates.

I'll keep you updated guys but for now, I'll see you soon.

Lots of Love xx"


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