Health & Fitness Centre


Our Redkite Coach Will Walker has developed a training programme designed to increase endurance levels, conditioning and stamina, specifically targeting those areas that will help people perform at their ultimate best in their muaythai training. As well as offering those who don't train in muaythai, the opportunity to push themselves to their limit. Will is currently serving in the 4th Battalion Parachute Regiment and achieved P company champion at the end of training, so he's very accustomed to discipline and pushing himself to achieve his ultimate best performance..

Will Says: "This program is as much about mental conditioning as it is physical, as you should train your mind as hard as you train your body. During these sessions we aim to push our members just that little bit further every time they walk through the door. We do this with a progressive program where we track our members before they start, during each session and at the end of the program.

The sessions themselves are made up of circuits of all the things people love. Pyramid burpees, press ups, sit ups and round house kicks to infinity.

Push yourself to see the limits to which your mind and body is capable.

These are qualities we aim to uphold here at Red Kite, and they can be found in full force with those who are smashing it during this program."

6 Week Courses consisting of 1 hour per week

cost £30.00.

There are also concessions for Redkite Students that pay for their training monthly.

There are also opportunities to try taster sessions and add extra sessions onto your 6 week course if you wish.

You can do as many courses as you wish and the course will be adapted for you to match your current level.

CONTACT [email protected] or call 07834192083 to reserve your place.