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Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we are running our sessions in a Covid Safe manner therefore on an altered timetable. This means that the prices below are currently on hold. Everyone must book a place in a 6 week block, to ensure we are able to track and trace everyone in attendance and so we can keep everyone at least 2 metres apart.

We can also run group PT's for people in the same house hold bubble, support bubble or school bubble.

Please follow the link below for further details and current prices.

Coronavirus Info


I try to ensure costs are fair and minimal to ensure that anybody who wishes to train at Redkite can do so.

(The ‘reduced monthly rates’ offer is for members only.  The money must be paid at the first lesson of every month (or by standing order at the beginning of the month) and covers every class in your style in that period.)

1.5 hour Classes (Members) £6.00

1.5 hour Classes (*NM) £7.00

1 hour Classes (Members) £5.00

1 hour Classes (*NM) £6.00

Double Session (Members) £7.50

Double Session (Members) £8.50

Train for a week (Members) £15.00

Family Class (Adult) £4.00

Family Class (Child) £5.00

Monthly cash rate £50.00pm

Monthly Standing Order £45.00pm

Monthly Student (*CR) £45.00pm

Monthly Student (*SO) £40.00 pm

Train for a Year (Student Members) £350.00

Membership (First Year) £40.00

Annual Membership Renewal £25.00

Private Tuition for adults and children is available at

£25.00 per hour.

Please contact for details and booking.


Due to restrictions in numbers, the childrens classes are on a monthly payment scheme. This means that you must arrange for a Standing Order of the relevant amount to be sent on thr first day of each month. This will secure your childs place in the desired session.

Please click HERE to find out more details about the children and family sessions.

4 hours per month £20.00

6 hours per month £24.00

8 hours per month £28.00

10 hours per month £32.00

12 hours per month £36.00

18+ hours per month £40.00

Child membership (First Year) £35.00

Annual Membership Renewal £20.00

For the first month of their training, you may pay £5.00 per session whilst your child establishes whether or not Muaythai is for them.

From the 1st of the next month following their first lesson, you secure a place for your child on their weekly session by arranging the monthly Standing Order in line with the above price plan.

(Please note; the price is worked out divided by 52 weeks of the year which means on most months you are paying less than you would if we worked the cost out monthly. This is to cover times we may close for a holiday which is only likely to be 3 or 4 weeks of the year. Some months you may get 5 lessons for the price of 4 but the rolling scheme ensures that funds are still coming in over ours and your holiday periods. Those children attending the Monday class may attend the Wednesday class immediately after a Bank Holiday when the gym wil be closed. Bank holidays are the only instances where switching to another session other than the one you're booked into, is possible. Please contact if you would like this explaining further.)