Welcome to Redkite

Redkite is a fitness, Thai & Kickboxing gym that opened its doors 15 years ago. Over the last decade and a half we have trained countless people from across Lancashire, including coaches, fighters, military, police, paramedics, and many more from all walks of life. Originally founded by Rachel Joyner, this one woman power house has kept Redkite at the forefront of Thai Boxing & Fitness over the years. She is still an active member and coach at the club but has since passed the ownership over to the two Walker brothers, Will & James.

Strong mind, strong body

Redkite prides itself on training its members to have high levels of personal fitness, mental robustness, and an unwaivering attitude.

Believing that mental resilience and the inability to quit will have you overcome any challenge you may face, whether in day-to-day life, or in the ring.

Our training style and ethos is a hybrid approach from both owners being in the British Armed forces, and both having trained in multiple Thai Boxing gyms over the years. This ethos is passed down through our coaches and members throughout training.

Redkite is open to all levels, and accepts everyone. We love bringing in new members into the family, so drop by and enjoy a class - get ready to push yourself!